Tax Accountant VAT Advice

Handle VAT Registration.
(You have to register for VAT if your turnover exceeds £60,000)
Provide Advice on Voluntary Registration.

(If you pay high VAT on your purchases, and most of your customers are VAT registered, it may be advantageous to be VAT registered on a voluntary basis. You do not have to meet the £60,000 turnover condition)
Not happy with your VAT assessment? We can support and represent you for VAT investigations

(We can launch a local reconsideration case for your VAT case to be re-looked into by your local VAT office, or launch an independent VAT appeal process. If you have received a VAT Assessment Notice you are not happy with, contact us immediately as the time for local reconsideration or appeal is limited to 30 days from date of date of the VAT assessment notice)

We calculate the VAT due and the VAT reclaimable.
Provide all the necessary figures to complete the VAT return form.
Handle all relevant paperwork, all you do is write the VAT cheque.
Help deal with VAT queries Customs & Excise or you may have.
Endeavour to make sure you VAT return is received on time every quarter.
Produce computerised detailed report for all items VAT reclaimed on and paid on every quarter.
We keep copies of VAT returns and detailed reports if required for VAT investigations.

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