Deal with new P45 information or obtain correct tax code from the tax office for new employees.
(We will complete, process and submit to the Inland Revenue the P45 of your new employee, or help process, complete and submit the P46 if no P45 is received from your new employee, to ensure the correct tax codes are used)

Calculate the relevant PAYE and National Insurance for each Employee.
(Our tax and national insurance tables are updated on a timely basis for each tax year)
Inform you of the accumulating tax owing to the Inland Revenue, all you do is write the cheque.

(We will complete the yellow Inland Revenue payslip booklet for you and submit the payslip with your cheque)
Keep records of all accumulating wages and tax of each employee.
(We can produce computerised reports showing payments and tax made to each employee, and also split these by different departments you require)
Issue payslips to each employee.

(Breaks down the hours or Salary, holiday pay, pension deductions, sickness pay, overtime, national insurance, Income tax, tax to date, gross pay and net pay and any other deductions)
Produce and submit year-end payroll forms such as P60/P14 and P35.
(This is due by the 19 May each year)
Process and obtain information for Benefits in Kind for each employee, by completed P11D.
(This relates to Income tax and National Insurance payable on company cars, medical insurance, expenses paid to employees and so on. This is due by the 19 July each year)
Help you keep track Holidays your staff has taken.
(We book holiday days on the system, inform you of days taken, those accrued, any to carry forward and we can check to actual holiday pay taken)
Deal with Statuary Sick Pay and Holiday Pay.
(Calculate and detail on the payslip the statuary sick pay required, and the holiday pay given)
Provide Employment Contracts for each employee.

(Incorporate periods of notice, work hours, holidays, geographic restrictions and so on)
Keep records of and link payroll costs to your final accounts.
(We can calculate your full wage and salary costs for your final accounts, via payments made or the payroll system)


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